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About Us

EasyBan is aware of the growing need for effective, safe and humane animal care and control alternatives. We pride ourselves in bringing the latest, environmentally-friendly solutions from trusted world leaders to the Australian market. We are either the importer, distributor or authorized dealer for the following companies and brands:

Our continuous research and years of industry experience allow us to offer our customers and clients tailor-made animal care and control solutions with guaranteed results.

For more information please contact:

EasyBan Australia
Unit F0016, 370-380 Cambridge Road
Mornington, TAS 7018
Phone: +61 3 6165 0313
Fax: +61 3 860 999 55
Email: info@easyban.com.au.


Bird-X Inc, founded in 1964, is well known and respected for producing the most comprehensive line of bird and animal pest control products in the world. Unmatched in experience and quality, Bird-X is the global leader in eco-friendly, innovative solutions.

Bird-X's policy is to provide non-lethal, non-harmful, environmentally safe and ecologically sound products.

Bird-X’s state-of-the-art laser, audible bird repellers, barrier products and lifelike decoys scare away birds and animals humanely.

All Bird-X products are non-lethal and environmentally safe. They are known to deter Pigeons, sparrows, starlings, rodents, cats, dogs and other bird and animal pests.


Bird-X-Peller Australia & New Zealand

Bird-X-Peller Australia & New Zealand offers proven-effective bird proofing and bird control solutions.

Bird-X-Peller's high-quality bird spike and bird wire products are made for tough Australian conditions. They are perfect for bird proofing warehouses, hangars, factories, homes, sheds and other buildings.

All Bird-X-Peller products are effective, non-lethal and environmentally-friendly.



Havahart® is a leading manufacturer of caring control products for pets and wild life. By offering animal repellents, live animal traps and pet dog supplies, Havahart® covers a wide spectrum that truly is caring control for pets and wildlife.

Havahart® live animal traps are a safe and humane animal control alternative. Havahart® thrives to provide its customers with constant technology and functionality updates directed to increasing easy of use and safer animal handling.

Havahart® has been recognized and trusted by consumers for over 60 years! Havahart® is the most innovative brand in wild animal control.

Havahart® is a registered trade mark of Woodstream Corp.



Victor® Natural Pest Control has a corporate mission to produce and market poison free and least toxic pest control products, which consistently meet or exceed consumer expectations.

Victor® began producing spring-based mouse traps more than 100 years ago. Today, Victor® is the world's leader in least toxic pest control and offers more alternatives than any other pest control company.

Victor® is a registered trade mark of Woodstream Corp.