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CatStop - A friend has 2 catstops and I have talked another friend into purchasing one. He now finds that the cat uses the front of his section instead of the back. I have tried everything up to now and I keep a daily watch. It's wonderful what a cat stop and a hose can do.
Geoff S.

Super Bird-X-Peller Pro, Bird Strobe Light - Sorry we haven't got back to you earlier. Now that the scarer has been going for a few weeks we can report that the birds have moved on... the birds left almost as soon as we turned the scarer on and we moved it to the medium setting after about 5 days...
S. and W. F.

ScareCrow - The scarecrow water gun has been a great success for me, no more smelly dog sh.. on my front lawn, I have my own dog but it was a neighbours that was a problem. NO MORE PROBLEM.

CatStop - I am very happy with my catstop. The cats have not step foot on my garden since their first encounter with it. Thank you so much.

CatStop - Very please with the cat stop there has been no more cats or dogs didgging the garden and trying to get into the compost bin thanks.

Havahart 1020 Mice & Rodent Live Cage Trap - Thanks for making it all so easy! Ordered the rodent trap on Sunday. Was advised on Monday that it was on its way... caught our first mouse within minutes of setting the trap. Another two caught soon after.

Broadband Pro - The Broadband is working a treat, it has really lowered bird activity especially the gulls.

Transonic Pro - I would like to order another Transonic Pro please. We have had very good results with the other units.

Bird Spikes Polycarbonate - Great service and good advice. The Bird-spikes were very easy to install and are really doing the job!

CatStop - At the end of March i ordered a Cat Stop - and i have been incredibly impressed by the results! I wish i had known of this 6 months ago when the neighbours cat decided our lawn was it's new loo! I would be happy to endorse your product - i have told my work mates and family members about the effectiveness. An excellent product and very effective! thank you!

CatStop - I bought the CatStop (automatic outdoor cat deterrent) a couple of weeks ago. As soon as I got it I put it in the garden where the neighbours cat uses it as their toilet. ... It is brilliant, no more cat toilet in my garden, can't thank you enough. The only problem now is the cat has started toileting in one of my other gardens (out of range of CatStop) AGH!!!! Just as well that garden is being removed shortly and being turned into lawn. Will recommend your products to friends and family.
Family H.

Scarecrow - Thank you very much for your prompt service - my Scarecrow arrived this morning and I've had hours of fun with it! It's very effective on elderly relatives and forgetful gardeners, and I'm looking forward to some cats coming visiting tonight! Many thanks... It's great to find something useful AND fun!

Broadband Pro, Bird Lite - We had the gear fitted yesterday and normally in the mornings we would have a few birds in the hangar but there were none this morning... Thanks

Bird Spikes - Thank you for your efficient and prompt service.

Transonic Pro - Thanks so much for my order which appears to be working fantastically!

Bird Spikes - Thanks for the prompt and helpful service.

CatStop - Your units are a fantastic idea, and they do exactly as advertised.

ScareCrow - Badly needed for human intruder.