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Bird Scare LPG Cannon PRO - Electronic with Rotary Tripod
Electronic LPG Cannon with Rotary Tripod

Manufacturer: Bird-X-Peller
Product Warranty: 12 months

AUD 1,496.00 inc. GST

Minimise crop loss and bird damage with our fully automatic propane gas cannon. This gas cannon has fully adjustable features such as single or double shot, configurable shot delay, random operation mode and battery charge indication. The built-in photocell allows automatic day/ night operation. The rotary tripod is included and maximises the effectiveness.

How It Works

The gas cannon emits random shots at up to 120 dB noise level to deter pest birds from the effective area of 6000 m².

This unit emits sounds up to 120 dB. HEARING PROTECTION must be worn.

  • Protection area 6000 m².
  • Electronic ignition with up to 120 dB noise level.
  • Rotary tripod (platform) included.
  • Digital time adjust between 2 and 20 min.
  • Random shots.
  • Operates without recoil.
  • Day/ night sensor and random operation modes allow fully automatic operation.
  • All components are UV protected.
  • 4Ah SLA battery and battery charger included.
  • Up to 32400 shots with a 12 kg LPG cylinder.
  • Made in Europe, CE listed.
  • Accessories available separately (see below for details).
  • LPG cylinder not included.
Applications Vineyard LPG Cannon

Pests: Sparrows, Starlings, Mynahs, Wax Eyes, Blackbirds and other pest birds

Uses: Use in vineyards, farm fields, orchards and other large areas

Package includes
  • 1x Bird scare cannon
  • 1x Rortary tripod
  • Mounting hardware
  • 4Ah SLA battery
  • Battery charger
  • Gas flow regulator
  • Ear plugs
  • User Manual
  • Bird control information pack
Accessories (not included)
  • LPG cylinders
  • Rotary tripod (1x included, spare tripods available separately)
  • 4Ah SLA battery
  • 7Ah SLA battery
  • Ear plugs (one pair included)
  • Solar power panel/ solar battery charger (available separately)

Please note: All bird control solutions prove more effective when different methods are used in combination. EasyBan offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly, non-lethal bird proofing and animal control solutions. We cater to most bird pest situations and offer our clients tailor-made bird control and bird proofing solutions with guaranteed results.

Please contact us to describe your bird pest situation and let one of our professionals suggest effective solutions for you.

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Bird Scare LPG Cannon PRO - Electronic with Rotary Tripod

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