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MegaBlaster Pro
Sonic 20 Speaker Tower Programmable Bird Repeller

Manufacturer: Bird-X Inc.
Product Warranty: 12 months

AUD 5,995.00 inc. GST

Our most powerful system features two high-output amplifiers that drive our specially-designed 20 speaker tower. The intense sound output covers up to 30 acres (12 hectares). It features solid-state electronics mounted inside a control box, suitable for almost any application. The generating unit mounts easily to a post or pole using the included mounting hardware and bracket.

How It Works

Bird-X MegaBlaster PRO is a fully programmable sonic pest bird repeller that uses intermittent alarm and distress calls to create a "danger zone" that frightens infesting birds away. Additional predator cries help scare all the birds.

Specifications MegaBlaster Pro
  • LARGE COVERAGE AREA. Repel birds up to 30 acres.
  • 20 SPEAKER TOWER. MegaBlaster PRO features two high-output amplifiers that drive a specially designed 20 speaker tower.
  • PERFECT SOUND. Crystal clear digital sounds from 2,000 - 10,000 Hz.
  • POWERFUL. This unit is capable of sound output up to 125 decibels. Please note that HEARING PROTECTION is strongly recommended.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC. Programmable operation times and random operation modes provide fully automatic operation.
  • FULLY PROGRAMMABLE. Customized species-specific sound chips are available for most bird pests.
  • EASY OPERATION. 12VDC (3 AMPS) via 40 Watts Solar Panel and Battery.

MegaBlaster Pro is perfect for Vineyards, Farm Fields, Airfields, Landfills or any other multi-acre facility.

Package includes
  • Bird-X MegaBlaster PRO (Control unit with two high power output amplifiers)
  • 20 speaker tower with audio cables
  • 40 Watts solar panel
  • Battery clips
  • Mounting hardware and brackets
  • Product Manual
  • Bird control information pack
Accessories (optional)
  • Easyban custom sounds
  • 12V DC marine battery

Please note: All bird control solutions prove more effective when different methods are used in combination. EasyBan offers a wide range of environmentally-friendly, non-lethal bird proofing and animal control solutions. We cater to most bird pest situations and offer our clients tailor-made bird control and bird proofing solutions with guaranteed results.

Please contact us to describe your bird pest situation and let one of our professionals suggest effective solutions for you.

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MegaBlaster Pro

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