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25 Dec 2016


EASYBAN would like to wish all of our customers a safe and merry Christmas. We thank all our customers for your business this year and we look forwarding to helping you again in the new year.


02 Nov 2016

Expert Guide: How to kepp Possums out of roof spaces

There are three simple ways to address Possum problems around homes and gardens:

  • Possum exclusion is the best way to keep these little intruders out of roof spaces. Possum spikes, chicken wire and other products are frequently used.
  • If exclusion is not possible or too expensive use Possum deterrents such as high-frequency acoustic devices or automatic water sprinklers also known as ScareCrow sprinklers to teach these animals to stay away.
  • Possum trapping and relocation is a further option. Humane live-capture possum traps are available on the market. These traps won't harm the animal. Make sure to follow local regulation and animal well-fare guidelines. Check traps regularly and wear protective clothing when handling live animals.

From the Team at

EasyBan Australia

10 Jul 2015 CatWatch

New Products: CatFree and CatWatch®

We have teamed up with Concept Research Ltd., the leading manufacturer of ultrasonic cat and rodent derrents in the UK.

CatFree is the compact, stylish, powerful cat deterrent for your garden, sandpit or pond. CatFree protects garden birds, wildlife, fish ponds, flower beds and sand pits from cats in an area of 88 square meters.

CatWatch® protects birds and gardens from cats all year round. CatWatch is the only cat deterrent tested and approved by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the largest nature conservation charity in the UK. Catwatch protects areas up to 125 square meters.

From the Team at

EasyBan Australia

6 May 2014


Great News! Everybody LOVES free stuff! Check out our NEW LiveChat, where you can chat with us (for free) about solutions to your bird and pest control problems! Or, to place feedback or suggestions! Try it out!

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EasyBan Australia

21 Jan 2014

We are now on Twitter

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Follow us on Twitter to receive product updates, exclusive offers and delivery information.

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EasyBan Australia

01 Nov 2012

New website online

EasyBan today launched its new website which offers a range of improved features and products. Users now benefit from a complete new look and feel allowing easy navigation, feedback and contact options as well as a range of new and exciting products. The website is grouped into four sections

  • bird control
  • cat, dog and animal control
  • pest control
  • pet care and training

We would love to hear from you and get to know your thoughts and experience with our new website. Simply contact us and let us know what you think.

From the Team at

EasyBan Australia

15 Jan 2010

New Super Quad Blaster S-QB4 gets rid of pest animals

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Our new Super Quadblaster SQB-4 is a full-featured ultrasonic pest animal control system. Its powerful ultrasonic sound beyond the range of human hearing and the integrated LED strobe light keep pest animals away. [more...]