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UV Light Fly and Insect Trap
Electronic UV Light Fly and Insect Control

Manufacturer: Easyban
Dimensions: 520mm x 380mm x 100mm

Product Warranty: 12 months

AUD 299.20 inc. GST
Glue Board for UV-Light Trap, 3-pack
425mm x 245mm
AUD 34.50 inc. GST
In stock
Glue Board for UV-Light Trap, 3-pack
Philips 15W Actinic UV Tube
AUD 36.80 inc. GST
In stock
Philips 15W Actinic UV Tube
How & Why it Works

The fly trap attracts flying insects with a strong UV light and captures them with a black, sticky glueboard.

The process is very simple, with no electric buzzing when insects are captured and without any insect explosion, which can occur with electronic fly zappers.

It has a slim design and will provide protection for areas up to 80m².

The unit has a high quality, durable metal construction and 3 way mounting. It can be wall mounted, ceiling mounted (fixings included) or free standing and is simple to install.

Two Philips actinic 15W ultraviolet tubes are used inside the unit. It also has an easy to remove front cover giving easy access for replacing the glueboard and tubes.

The unit is environmentally friendly as flies and other light sensitive flying insects are attracted to the ultraviolet bulbs, this means that there are no chemicals to use, it is pollution free and it is harmless to humans and pets.

Specifications Fly Control
  • Coverage: Up to 80 sqm
  • Shipping Weight: 12 pounds
  • UV tubes: Philips Actinic (2 tubes included)
  • Power Requirements: 240vAC
  • Compliance: CE listed
  • Robust construction
  • Simple glue board technology
  • Flexible and easy installation
  • Easy cleaning and service
  • Replacement UV tubes and glue boards are available separately
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 38cm x 10cm

Pests: Flies, Sandflies, Insects

Uses: Food and meat processing facilities, cafes, restaurants, homes, patios (covered), garages, sheds, warehouses and more.

Package includes
  • 1x UV Light Fly Trap
  • 2x Philips Actinic UV tubes
  • 1x Glue board
  • Wall or ceiling fixings
  • Power cord
  • Product Manual
Accessories (available separately)
  • Philips Actinic 15W Replacement UV tubes
  • Replacement glue board, 3-pack
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UV Light Fly and Insect Trap

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